porsche carrera 4s -

intense paint correction & opti-coat gloss coat

What started out as a 1-2 step polish to improve this cabriolet turned into a complete correction and protected afterward with Optimum's Gloss-Coat.  While being mindful of the customer's goals and budget, we determined that this combo would be the perfect recipe for a weekend cruiser.  

The owner had noted that the bumper cover had been repainted to his knowledge by a previous owner.  Through our careful inspection of each panel, it turned out that all of the panels expect for the driver's quarter panel had been reconditioned!  This is one example of why a thorough pre-purchase inspection is key.  In certain areas such as the passenger side door, lower quarter panel, as well as the driver's side fender and door had rough sanding marks from body work prior to repainting.  Unfortunately in this case, we are unable to remove those deep defects without completely jeopardizing the new paint.  Our best option was to minimize this textured finish, to flatten out the panel as much as possible while maintaining the most paint possible. 


This process was completed with multi-step damp sanding starting with 1500 grit by hand, followed by 2000 and 3000 machine sanding.  Then we went through the compounding and polishing steps to refine further until a high-gloss surface was present.  

A majority of the vehicle received a 3-step polishing process, of which removed many surface level defects and swirls.  While there were many rock chips that remained and a few deep scratches, we greatly improved this neglected black paint.  Once completed, we removed all polishing oils and dust left behind with an isopropyl alcohol/water mixture to ensure a clean slate to apply our final product.  Optimum Gloss-Coat was hand applied to all painted exterior surfaces to protect the like-new paint with great water-beading hydrophobic properties.  Faded plastic trim along the doors and windshield tray had Gtechniq C4 trim protectant applied to restore color and keep it as such longterm.