Exterior Detailing

What we offer

Our services are focused on improving the quality of your vehicle to a like-new standard or better.  While we offer optional add-on services, we do not offer typical "wash and wax" or "interior only" services.  This keeps us doing what we are best at, polishing paint to perfection and applying ceramic coatings to protect your vehicle.  


Our starting package, with great results.  One-step machine polish to refine light surface swirls and scratches that daily-drivers are subject to.   Paint clarity increased with added gloss and protection via synthetic sealant.

Pricing Starting at 340.00

Seeking a more thorough, perfect-finish?  Click the button below for our in-depth paint correction and enhancement services. 


The perfect solution for yellow, hazy and oxidized headlights.  Oxidation is removed, polished and sealed to protect.  Enjoy clear lighting, increased output and stunning visual results.  

Pricing Starting at 75.00


Uniquely-tailored detail process for your show car or collectible, we will be happy to take it to the next level.  Chrome polishing, engine bay cleaning, undercarriage cleaning, polishing of interior bits and more available.  

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