Frequently asked questions


Will my course fee be subsidised?

No. The Wiley Certified Python Programmer course is not eligible for any funding programmes. If you wish to join a course with course fee support, please check out our Wiley Certified Data Analyst and Unity Certified Associate courses.


I have no prior experience. Will I be able to understand the content taught in the course?

Yes. The course was designed for beginners. Each student will also have access to online materials that you can refer to for more comprehensive details, and is welcome to approach their instructors for assistance. We also offer makeup classes, which are available only if the class size permits.

How much time do I have to spend to self-read or self-study materials outside the course?

As this is a blended learning course, you are strongly encouraged to spend about 1 to 2 hours a week on the pre-readings. A list of the necessary readings will be sent to you via email.

Is there a certification examination?

No. The Wiley Certified Python Programmer course is entirely project-based.

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