Frequently asked questions

Wax vs. Sealant vs. Ceramic Coating?

Wax, sealant, ceramic coating, it's all so confusing! Not to worry, here is a simple breakdown: Wax- Carnauba comes from the Brazilian Tree of Life, creates a warm, deep glow on paint. Lasts approximately 4-12 weeks Sealant- A synthetic protective coating over your paint that is transparent, yet creates a layer of protection that outlasts wax. Lasts approximately 3-6 months Ceramic coatings- Using nanotechnology these coatings are the most durable protection available for your paint. They form a permanent bond to paint, with anti-static, anti-scratch, hydrophobic, chemical resistant and lasting properties. In addition they can add an intense gloss or wet look to paint. Lasts approximately 2-7+ years Polish- The liquid containing micro-abrasives used in conjunction with a machine to remove or diminish imperfections. Compound- Similar to polish, however a greater degree of abrasives is used to remove paint defects. Typically Carnauba wax is great for a weekend vehicle or show car for a deep glossy glow. Sealants tend to be most suitable for daily driven vehicles as they last much longer than traditional waxes. Ceramic coating works great for all applications, as it adds both intense gloss and superior longterm permanent protection. ​

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is what it sounds like! It is the process in which imperfections are minimized or removed completely to produce a stunning near-perfect paint. The tools most often used are dual-action polishers and rotary polishers. In some instances careful, specific sanding techniques are used as well. Various polisher pads, compounds, polishes and sanding discs are used by a trained professional to do such work. Not all paint correction work is created equal! Only a handful of professional detailers can be trusted to perform this highly skilled work which takes years of experience to become proficient. Be mindful of that friend with a "buffer" and bottle of Turtle Wax is not a professional!

How often should I detail?

While there is no set standard for everyone, detailing should be performed as often as necessary. Basic washing should be done every 2-4 weeks, waxing every season, sealant applied 2x annually. By taking great care of your vehicle regularly you will not only keep it looking great, but also increase the resale value of it and adds to its lifespan. Do it right and do it often! Those with a ceramic coating will not have to do nearly as much upkeep. The coating allows for easy cleaning process, and no longer requires wax or sealants-ever!

How can I maintain my vehicle after your service?

Post-detailing car care is easy, especially when you have had a quality detail performed. Wash every 2 weeks When washing, use front to back motion rather than circles to reduce swirling of paint Avoid washing in direct sunlight Use soft, clean, dedicated microfiber towels. (Tip: Use color coded towels for different purposes; green-interior, yellow-exterior, gray-general purpose,etc)

How to prepare and what to expect on day of detailing?

We value your time and your money! To maximize your dollar and detailing experience we suggest, but do not require these few things: Remove personal items from consoles, door pockets, etc. If convenient, have your car rinsed off or lightly washed a few days prior. YES, you read that correctly! While this is certainly not required, be mindful that you are not paying for a car wash service, but a professional to perform skilled work to make your vehicle shine and smell like the day it rolled off of the car lot. Take a few minutes to walk around your vehicle as well as each seating area to see all the areas that you would like to have addressed.

What to expect from us:

Licensed, insured, professional service. Our location- Drop off of vehicle includes leaving key, making sure to take any valuables you may need for the day, inlcude copy of vehicle registration. Vehicle walk around- We prefer to take a few minutes with you to examine your vehicles condition, previous damage if any including areas of repainting, etc, final goals before detailing. We will document any of the above prior to starting our service. Pickup/Delivery- Together we will do a walk around to review the services performed, and make sure that you are excited about your shining, improved vehicle. Payment- We accept cash, card and checks. For first time customers cash, certified check or card only. Once we have a successful experience together trust is gained and payment methods moving forward will be easier. We appreciate your cooperation.