Paint Protection Film in Newtown, PA by Relentless Perfection

Relentless Perfection is a premium car detailing service located in Holland, PA specializing in paint protection services like ceramic coating and paint protection film.  They offer a one-stop-shop solution for protecting and enhancing your new vehicle.  

Why choose Paint Protection Film?

When it comes to protecting your paint, there is no better solution than paint protection film (PPF). Paint protection films offer an incredible and invisible defense against rock chips and scratches that can be applied over all of your vehicle’s paint, it is nothing short of amazing.  It is a great way to protect your investment by preserving your vehicle’s finish.  

Why it’s Important to Choose the Right PPF Shop: 

One thing that sets all paint protection film installations apart is the shop and installer applying it to your vehicle.  A great installer will apply paint protection film packages in a way that it is virtually undetectable, while a novice or poorly-experienced installer can create a living nightmare with your vehicle.  Poor installation of paint protection film can result in exposed edges of paint, knife marks cut into paint, dirty film or simply a bad experience.  

Why Choose Relentless Perfection?

At Relentless Perfection, we have over a decade of combined experience, and have been installing paint protection film since 2015.  Not only do we offer years of experience, but years of QUALITY experience.  What does this mean exactly? 

Our team of Paint protection film installers have been trained by some of the best in the world and certified accordingly.  We have been trained and certified by STEK, CovrGard and Flexishield just to name a few of the companies we work with and brands of film that we install. Our experience spans a broad range of vehicle types, from Porsche 911’s to Polaris Slingshots, we have protected just about anything on wheels.  

Unmatched Installation Process

We take our installations to the next level, not only offering popular coverage options, but tailoring each install to the vehicle we work on.  Our shop features a state-of-the-art, “clean room,” specifically designed for PPF installations. 

We utilize the latest technology to cut Paint protection film with our film software and plotter machine to get a precise fitment.  We take it a step further by customizing these pre-designed patterns by extending the edges and coverage wherever possible.  This ensures a more extensive level of protection and cleaner look.  When applying film, we wrap the edges of the film around the panel whenever possible.  This makes the film undetectable to the eye, while providing a more longevity to the application.  

When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paintwork, you are making an investment.  Just like any investment in life, you want a trusting relationship and clear communication throughout the process.  That is exactly what we are here to provide.  As car enthusiasts, and experts in our craft, we are here to guide you through the process.  We provide a number of options for Paint protection film, with an emphasis on YOUR GOALS and lifestyle accordingly. 

Paint Protection Film Packages

Whether you are looking to protect your Tesla with a Matte PPF, your race car with Full-Vehicle PPF coverage, or simply the high impact areas on your daily-driver with Gloss PPF, we have you covered.  We are located less than 5 minutes from the center of Newtown, PA.  Convenient drop-off and pickup times make it easy to work with us and your busy schedule.  Your vehicle will be stored in our secure and insured shop at all times and handled with care.  We value your time, respect your vehicle and hope to build a long lasting relationship.  

Contact Relentless Perfection today to discuss your goals and book your service.  

Full-Front PPF Langhorne PA


This option provides coverage to the full front bumper, full hood, full front fenders, back painted surfaces of the mirrors, and headlights/fog lights (where applicable).

Partial-Front PPF Langhorne PA


Partial-Front Coverage includes partial hood, partial fenders, bumper and mirrors.

Track Pack PPF Langhorne PA

Track Pack

Track Pack includes full hood, full fenders, bumper, headlights, mirrors, a-pillars, roof edge and rocker panels.

Complete PPF Langhorne PA


Complete Coverage includes full hood, roof, trunk, full fenders, quarters, full front bumper, rear bumper, full doors, rocker panels, mirrors, a-pillars, and headlights