Keep your BMW E36 cool with the Mishimoto Performance Fan Shroud Kit! This unique electric fan shroud setup completely eliminates the stock, failure-prone mechanical fan. The fan shroud mounts directly to the stock radiator, Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Radiator and Mishimoto X-Line Performance Aluminum Radiator and includes a 16" high-flow electric fan that produces over 1850 cfm of airflow. Optionally, this kit can include a Mishimoto Adjustable Fan Controller Kit, which will provide the user with total control over coolant temperatures. The Mishimoto BMW E36 Fan Shroud Kit includes all hardware required for installation and is compatible with the stock expansion tank. This fan shroud has a Stealth Black finish that provides a subtle accent for your engine bay. As with all our products, this fan shroud kit includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty you know and trust.

Mishimoto 92-99 BMW E36 Fan Shroud w/ Probe Kit

    • 1991-1995 BMW 318i Base L4.1796cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1996-1998 BMW 318i Base L4.1895cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1991-1995 BMW 318is Base L4.1796cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1996-1997 BMW 318is Base L4.1895cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1995 BMW 318ti Base L4.1796cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1996-1999 BMW 318ti Base L4.1895cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1998-1999 BMW 323i Base L6.2494cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1998-1999 BMW 323is Base L6.2494cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1992-1995 BMW 325i Base L6.2494cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1992-1995 BMW 325is Base L6.2494cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1996-1999 BMW 328i Base L6.2793cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1996-1999 BMW 328is Base L6.2793cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1995 BMW M3 Base L6.2990cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1996-1999 BMW M3 Base L6.3152cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds
    • 1995 BMW M3 Lightweight L6.2990cc Cooling::Fans & Shrouds