protection for your Tesla

You just ordered your new Tesla, and may already be thinking, how can I keep this looking great for as long as I plan to own it or, is a ceramic coating really worth it? 

The simple answer, YES, you should invest in a ceramic coating! 

why ceramic coat? 

Here is a rundown on the benefits of ceramic coating your vehicle:

  • Drive more, worry and detail less 

  • Hydrophobic effect, dirt and water repel off the paint, keeping it cleaner between washes

  • Chemical resistance, bird poop, soda, cleaning agents, will not penetrate or etch paint  

  • Increased gloss and shine, and never needs to be reapplied 

  • Light scratch and swirl resistance from everyday encounters, less swirls over time

  • Adds resale value, reported on Carfax History Report


Even your brand new Tesla can be improved.  Surprisingly, most new Tesla's that we see have swirl marks and light sanding marks from the factory, where they quickly address factory paint defects before it is sent out to the dealership for delivery.  We quickly address those imperfections by polishing the paint to a mirror finish, and locking in that shine.  

tesla ceramic coating In bucks county, pa