Paint Correction


On the left: Jeep Wrangler door before & after our process, notice the dramatic improvement!

"Buffing, polishing, paint correction," whichever you prefer, we are here to do just that! 

Simply put, paint correction will dramatically transform your vehicle.  This process is recommended for those who want glossy, shiny or "perfect" paint.  All vehicles that receive pro ceramic coatings must be paint corrected prior to our coating application.*  

Paint is refined to its best condition to remove and diminish surface defects such as swirl marks, isolated scratches, holograms and marring.  Paint thickness gauge used to ensure integrity of paint and outcome during the process. 

3-4+ levels of machine polishing at minimum, in addition to various sanding techniques may be used to achieve 90% or greater paint correction. Gloss is intensified, leaving a mirror-like finish.   

Range Rover Pillar
Cayenne Turbo Comparison
Audi Q5 Polishing
Subaru Impreza Polishing
Porsche GT3 Track Car
528i Before/After
GT3 Correction Polishing
RS6 Trunk Sanding 50/50 shot